The VBL offers numerous awards to its members to recognise the services of both bands and individuals. Nominations are considered by the Executive Council at its regular monthly meeting. To nominate a person for an award, write to the Executive Council and enclose the appropriate payment for the award.

Years of Service awards are determined by how long an individual is registered with the League not by how long they have been a member of any one band. See the two examples below for clarification.

  • An individual who has been registered twice in a five year period is not eligible for the five year service award.
  • An individual that spends three years at one band and two years at another band is eligible for a five year service award as long as they have been registered for a minimum of five years.

The VBL currently has the following awards available. See the below criteria for each award to determine if someone you know is eligible for an award.

  • VBL Youth Award
  • VBL Badge of Merit
  • VBL Badge & Certificate of Honour
  • VBL Life Membership
  • Service Awards
    • 5 Year Badge
    • 10 Year Badge
    • 15 Year Badge
    • 20 Year Badge
    • 30 Year Bronze Medal
    • 40 year Silver Medal
    • 50 year Gold Medal
    • 60 Year Bar

Award Criteria

VBL Youth Award

Every member band or school may nominate persons for a VBL Youth Award. There are three levels for the award:

  • BRONZE: 3 years of service to a band
  • SILVER: 4 years service to a band
  • GOLD: 5 years service to a band

To qualify for the award, nominees must be under the age of 21 and for Bronze and Silver awards must demonstrate active involvement in band activities. For the Gold level award the nominee must have achieved at least one of the following:

  • Member of the Victorian State Youth Brass or Concert Band
  • Actively involved in band activities
  • Active participant in solo and party competitions
  • Evidence of continuing studies and involvement in music, ie having lessons and being a member of a school or community band
  • Continuing with AMEB Examinations

Applications for VBL Youth Awards can be made to the Executive Council and should be accompanied by a fee of $25.00. Applications should demonstrate the criteria above have been met, as appropriate.

VBL Badge of Merit

The VBL Badge of Merit is awarded to members of a band who have shown meritorious service to a band or bands. Applications for a Badge of Merit should contain a brief history of the nominees activities in support of the nomination and a fee of $30.00.

The number of Badges of Merit which can be awarded is limited within each band in each year. Bands may nominate 1 person per year if their registered membership is 35 people or less; 2 people per year if their registered membership is 50 or less; and 3 people per year if their registered membership is 51 or more.

Notwithstanding this, persons having rendered 25 years service to a band or bands may be nominated for a Badge of Merit without voiding that band’s right to nominate people based on their membership in any given year.

VBL Badge and Certificate of Honour

The VBL Badge and Certificate of Honour is awarded to bands persons who have in excess of thirty-five years service to a band or bands.

When nominating a person for this award, the nominating band must supply a brief history in support of the nomination plus an application fee of $45.00. This includes the badge and certificate for the recipient and an extra certificate for the band to keep. Additional certificates are available at a cost of $5.00

VBL Life Membership

Life Membership of the Victorian Bands’ League is the highest award the League may confer on a person. The League may elect annually to Life Membership a maximum of three persons who have rendered outstanding service to the League. Life Membership is awarded at the Annual General Meeting on a simple majority of Delegates present and eligible to vote.

Nominations for Life Membership are received throughout the year and close on January 31st each year. The Executive Council considers the nominations and makes a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting of the League as to which persons should be elected to Life Membership.

Nominations for Life Membership should be accompanied by an account of the nominator’s reasons for putting the nomination forward, although the nominator may be required to expand on any such nomination.

Life Members of the Victorian Bands’ League enjoy all rights and privileges of the League, except that if not a Delegate of a member band, they are not be entitled to vote, but may speak on any motion before the chair. In addition, Life members shall be admitted free of charge to any function held under the patronage of the League.

There is no cost to nominate a person for Life Membership of the League.

National Band Council of Australia

NBCA 25 Year Service Medal

This award was instituted by the National Band Council of Australia, and is available from all State Governing Bodies.

The award recognises 25 years service by an individual to a band or bands in any state of Australia.

Application should be made to the State Governing body in your state and include a brief history of the person’s service and an application fee of $30.00.

Award Prices

VBL Youth Awards $25 per award
Badge and Certificate of Honour (35 Years) $45 – includes 1 badge, 2 certificates
Badge of Merit $30 per award
Service Badges – 5, 10, 15, 20 years $30 each
Service Medals – Bronze (30yr), Silver (40yr), Gold (50 yr) $30 each
Service Bar 60 year, 65 year an 70 year $25 each
NBCA 25 Year Medal $30 per award