Show you support for the Victoria Police Bands

As you may be aware, the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police has taken the decision to ‘civilianise’ the Pipe Band and to disband the Victoria Police Showband and Code One (rock band),

We have been contacted by ‘Band Together’, who are the spouses, partners, family and supporters of the Victoria Police Bands and who have formed a support and advocacy group to reverse this decision and have the bands resourced appropriately (recruit a drummer and sound technician). The group is not affiliated with any organisation or political party, they simply want to support the Victoria Police Bands because they know they are a great Victorian community asset.

The Victoria Police Bands are an important and essential resource to both Victoria Police and the Victorian people. All bands promote a positive image of Victoria Police to the community and combined, engage in over 650 performances per year – connecting with between 650,000 and 1,000,000 individuals from all communities; presenting the best possible frontline face of the Victoria Police; accessing and building relationships with Victorian communities (e.g. ethnic, new immigrants, youth, and refugee communities); supporting communities in crisis (bushfires, floods) and helping to raise significant funds via their involvement in charity activities, such as Blue Ribbon, funds which provide community support activities (metropolitan and regional).

What can you do to help?

  • Download, personalise, sign, send and share the letter on their blog page to the Premier, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Minister for the Arts, Chief Commissioner, local Members of Parliament and media
  • Visit the BandTogether Facebook page – like them, post something – share your stories of the Victoria Police Bands, read others stories and respond
  • Follow them on Twitter, and their blog
  • Sign, send and share the petitions accessible from their blog page (we have attached a petition and guidelines to this email)
  • Forward this information to all of your contacts who you know have had a great experience with the Victoria Police Bands, and ask them to help.

Should you require clarification or further information on any aspect of this matter, please contact Ms Melanie Shoo, BandTogether spokesperson on telephone at: 0403 432 535 or email:

We need to work together quickly to show our support.


Further Information

Facebook page: Bandtogether2013
Twitter: @bandtogether2

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