Silent Film Competition – Oakleigh Brass Band

Picture Night Poster

Picture Night Poster

Oakleigh Brass Band are seeking silent films to be part of their film festival “Picture Night” in October 2015, as part of their ANZAC contribution. Picture Night is supported by the Victorian Government and the Victorian Veterans Council.

December 1915: on the home front in Oakleigh, Victoria, the Oakleigh Band played music to accompany silent movies – newspaper articles from the time suggest that this was the first time that movies were shown in Oakleigh.

A century later in October 2015 Oakleigh band will recreate this event, this time with locally made films.  Short listed entries will be shown, with the Oakleigh Band again providing the live sound track.

First prize for the best film is $500, second prize is $250.

Full details of the film competition are in their poster or on their website.

They are inviting fellow bands to submit a silent film to the festival based on one of these themes:

  • Life at home during WW1, within your own family, or within your local community;
  • Impact of ANZAC on your community today;
  • Your ANZAC journey, recalling the events of WW1

After the event, the films and music will be made available to other bands to allow them to access to all of this material for their future concerts.

Honour the Brave may be of particular interest. Alex Lithgow, composer of Invercargill, created this slow march specifically to commemorate returning Anzacs. However, Lithgow didn’t complete the band arrangements, so we have taken the piano score and arranged for brass band.

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