2013 VBL Executive Council

As of Sunday May 19th, the date of the VBL Annual General Meeting the VBL Executive Council had a slight reshuffle. Continue reading to learn of the changes.


Megan Stapleton

Vice Presidents

Ian Douglas & Peter Wiltshire


Marlene Davies


Brenton Burley

Minute Secretary

Brett Pyke

Executive Councillors

Danny van Bergen, Helen Gray, Marc Law & Llewellyn Morris

We wish former Vice-President John Kelly all the best in his future endeavours as well as wishing Ian Douglas all the best in his new role. We would also like to officially welcome Marlene Davies to the role of Treasurer (previously she was acting treasurer). We also welcome two new additions for 2013, we welcome Marc Law & Danny van Bergen to the position of Executive Councillors.

While it appears the Executive Council is quite full the VBL Constitution allows for 7 Executive Councillor positions in total, this means there are in fact three more vacancies that need to be filled. If you think you would be interested in joining the Executive Council in the future please email VBL President, Megan Stapleton at president@vbl.org.au.

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