Rules and Regulations

VBL Rules of Association

The Rules of Association were adopted at a Special General Meeting held on the 1st of marsch 2020. All queries with regards to the VBL Rules of Association should be directed to the VBL Office, by calling 03 9362 0200 or emailing

Rules of Association (Authorized)

Contest Rules

These rules affect the State Solo & Ensemble Championships, the State Band Championships and any other competitions run under the auspices of the VBL. For reference purposes, the previous VBL Contest Rules (pre-2014)VBL Contest Rules V2.1 (as of January 1, 2014) and VBL Contest Rules V2.2 (as of March 2, 2014) are available at the links.

VBL Contest Rules (as of April 30, 2017)

Benefits of the ‘New Rules’

Members often ask what the benefits are of the new contest rules and registration practices that came into effect in 2010. The document below was presented at the 2013 March Delegates’ Meeting in response to a request from a delegate for a document that outlines and explains this.

Benefits of the ‘New Rules’

National Band Championships

For the National Band Championships, all bands compete under the rules set by the National Band Council of Australia (NBCA). For the latest from the NBCA visit their website here. The contest regulations relating to the National Band Championships can be found below.

NBCA Yearbook 2014 – Contest Regulations
NBCA Drill and Marching Regulations (Revised 2012)